Aligned Illusion ( AI )

Performance + AI Visualization, Independent Group Project,  Winter 2023

Supported by Harvestworks, New York

“Aligned Illusion ( AI )” is a 20-minute performance where Yuting Tao’s AI visuals, Malu’s portrayal of a cyber-alchemist, and Ti Wen Hsu’s augmented viola set intersect. Three artists unite their expertise in AI training, non-human character embodiment, and experimental viola music to explore the fusion of nature, technology, and the spaces between them.

“In an era where the boundaries between the real and the virtual blur, we, as an interdisciplinary trio, seek to explore and question the very essence of existence, identity, and reality.”

Yuting Tao’s projections, AI-generated and ethereal, immerse audiences in a visual dialogue that questions the nature of our perceived reality. It’s an invitation to contemplate the evolution of our surroundings, where the organic seamlessly transitions into the digital, crafting an interstitial realm of coexistence.

With Malu’s embodiment of Sally, the cyber-alchemist, we delve into the heart of identity in a cyberland space. Sally, an un-alienated haptic-avatar, represents the complex interplay between technology and mysticism. As a femme bot, she crafts magic technologies, blending the primal with the progressive, highlighting our continuous journey towards integration in a constantly changing world.

Ti Wen Hsu’s viola set, sonically amplified and transformed by Max Msp, serves as an auditory voyage through time and space. It’s a symphony of the past, present, and future; a testament to the versatility and timelessness of music, transcending boundaries and defying categorizations.

“Aligned Illusion” is not just a performance. It’s a sensory experience, a philosophical query, and an artistic exploration of where we stand amidst the ever-evolving nexus of nature, technology, and self. Join us as we journey through realms both tangible and imagined, and ponder what it means to truly be alive in this multifaceted universe.



Multimedia | Learning Technology | AI | XR