Botanically Nurtured

VR Installation, Individual Studio Work, Fall 2022

Botanically Nurtured is a virtual reality installation that focuses on new family and childbirth choices for DINK Double Income No Child, a rising group of people who do not want children. I envisioned this utopian Botanical Garden as a location where the younger generations might raise electronic offspring derived from tree breeders in VR with less concernfrom physical world. This virtual garden, like the Garden of Eden, fosters new life, alleviates the anguish of female childbirth, avoids the additional societal duties associated with rearing children. The DINK mob is spiritually nourishing. In the future research, I would also like to explore whether artificial children can output enough emotional value of humans.



Garden Map
(Click to Zoom in for Details)


Multimedia | Learning Technology | AI | XR