Notalgia: Long Way To Go 

Interactive 2D Game Installation, Individual Work, Fall 2022, Yuting Tao
Site Location: UCLA EDA Gallery,
Yiwei Gallery

“Nostalgia” is a narrative-driven adventure game about Alzheimer’s. Players embark on a journey through surreal memories, navigating familiar and unfamiliar spaces. By triggering dialogues, interacting with objects, and witnessing scenes, they navigate the dream from the unique perspective of an infant protagonist, only to later discover that this character is an elderly patient entangled in the labyrinth of Alzheimer’s.

Within the game, players intimately experience the poignant loops of recognition and oblivion, providing a powerful and immersive portrayal of the challenges associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

This educational piece serves as a compelling exhibit for younger generations, encouraging them to empathize with and care for seniors. Additionally, “Nostalgia” stands as a testament to the potential of using gaming methodologies in the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients.

“Nostalgia” in EDA Gallery, Los Angeles

Play with the Antique Reminiscences from the Older Generations

( Drag and Place)

Stage Design

Character Sprites Design

Clips from Game


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